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Production Tips

how to start producing your own dance music

How To Start Producing Your Own Dance Music

So you’ve been DJing for a while, the next obvious step is to move into music production. But where do you start? It can be a very confusing and daunting topic when you first look into it. So here’s some info, tips and advice to help make those first steps into the production world a little bit Read More

DJ Equipment

dj computer mixing equipment

The Best DJ Computer Mixing Equipment

Proper DJ computer mixing equipment is a must-have for any aspiring DJ. Without it, there is no way to mix tracks on the fly. Before virtual DJing was a thing, DJ's needed an actual turntable and countless vinyl records in order to perform. Nowadays, things are much simpler. Instead of vinyls we Read More

best dj wireless microphones

The Best DJ Wireless Microphones

Not every DJ needs a microphone. Some performers prefer to let the music speak for itself. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but having a microphone can help a DJ connect with the crowd. For the most part, audiences like to hear a performers voice. Even saying something as simple as, Read More