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DJ Brand Marketing – The 3 ‘Must Have’ Social Media Outlets Every DJ Needs To Master


Long gone are the days where the first digital move you make is to create your own website. In fact, creating a website has become somewhat of an afterthought thanks to social media. Unless you’re selling a direct product that can’t be sold from another existing website, in almost every industry there are existing platforms that will project you into a digital market stream.

There are three bread and butter websites that every professional DJ uses on a daily basis. These sites will profile you as a professional artist without discrimination, should you have the skills to service them effectively. They also host social networking streams to get your career kick started in the right direction for life. They are SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

There are numerous other social websites that can be used to skyrocket your career such as YouTube and Instagram. In this article I’ll explain why above all, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter should be your first point of call.


It all starts with your music. SoundCloud should be the central host of all your music files no matter what level you’re at in your career. Even if you don’t have a single audio file of your own to share, the website is full of inspiration with millions of sound files to get you started.

Since its birth in 2009, SoundCloud has fast become one of the most subscribed to audio sharing services in the world with over thirty-eight millions registered users. In the DJ scene it has taken over where Myspace left off by providing a simple visual platform where people can listen to your music at the click of a button. There isn’t a single reputable DJ Producer on the planet that isn’t utilising SoundCloud these days so if you don’t have an account, sign up for free today!

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If you don’t have any music of your own to share you can start using SoundCloud by displaying other artist’s tracks on your profile. You can comment and favourite audio and you can also find free downloads on offer. There are groups that you can subscribe to as well as being able to ‘follow’ your favourite international DJ’s and producers.

Uploading your DJ mixes is a great way to start building a following of your own. You can also upload bootlegs and mashups subject to copyright approval. These days, artists are not as concerned with unofficial remixes being uploaded so you’ll find that SoundCloud’s copyright filters can often be bypassed. Some artists have famously launched their career off the back of high play counts on SoundCloud such as Australian DJ’s Flume and Will Sparks.

FACEBOOK (Your Directory)

Think of Facebook as your website. It’s the one platform that almost everyone has and displays information that can be viewed on any browser regardless if you have an account or not. Due to the high traffic stream Facebook will always rank in the top section of the first page in all search engines. There’s also no better way to share and display your DJ profile, images and promotional material for free plus you can host tabs that direct users to all other forms of social media.

By using Facebook’s many features you can share your content with your subscribers and friends in a matter of seconds. You will most likely already have a personal profile at the very least. Most DJ’s have a fan page as well. This will open up to the possibility of having higher connectivity, as personal accounts are limited to a total friend count of five thousand.

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Using your Facebook as a successful DJ relies on a different philosophy than that of a personal page. The way in which you post, share, comment and interact with your fans or followers should be taken into consideration. The way you behave or handle your personal Facebook account is comparable to how you would behave mostly in social situations, as your audience are your friends. When you have a public profile with the intention of maximising exposure of the content that you share will be the deciding factor in the rate of your growth.

Facebook also hosts the most important simple functionality that every business needs, where to find you. In this exclusive interview with NERVO the girls share how they first reached out to Hook N Sling on Facebook, which resulted in their collaboration called ‘Reason’. Artists of all levels are using Facebook to continually service their fans with their latest news, music releases and tour activity.

TWITTER (Your Personality)

Fans want to know who you are and what makes you tick. The music is what represents what you do and Facebook can reflect the image that you are projecting to a point, but Twitter is an unbiased way of separating individual thoughts.

The creators of Twitter had a simple interface in mind that stripped back the media available to the give users a significant reduction in SPAM and advertising material. The interface was modelled off the same principle that a mobile phone text message uses, limited characters in text format that is automatically pushed out to the receiver. In the instance of a DJ, your receiver would be your fans and followers giving them direct access to what’s really on your mind.

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Another reason why people love Twitter is because for the first time in history, each and every person with a twitter account has direct access to receive updates from personalities and celebrities from all over the world. They can even reach out and ask questions and interact directly as if they were friends of their own.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to share your personality with the world if you want to have any shot at becoming a successful marketable DJ. Great music will only take you so far. This is one of the most common mistakes I see artists make – neglecting direct connectivity with real people, in real time.

These media are by no means the be all and end all of the social networking needed to take your career all the way to the top but they are the ‘must have’ social networks at every stage of your career. As you learn how to master each medium, you will begin to understand and hopefully embrace the full potential of social media and how SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter will prepare you for the other social media outlets.

For example, SoundCloud is a great introduction to YouTube as it basically practices the same principles whilst combining sound with vision. Facebook will prepare you for managing your own website or blog as the news feed functions and various formats in which you can post information will also (or should be) present on most websites. Twitter shares many of the functions that Instagram hosts, so being experienced with Twitter will certainly kick-start your learning with the global image based platform.  You might want to start with an Instagram account as well but if you’re camera shy and prefer to limit your visual interactivity, then sticking to the essential three will be more than sufficient for now.

Shaun Barker

About the Author: An award-winning brand & marketing manager, Shaun Barker has worked in the music industry for over 10 years; representing & campaigning for DJ Mag Top 100 artists, major record labels, international music festivals and world-renowned brands including the Stafford Brothers.

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