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Learn how to kick-start or boost your DJ career to the next level with professional marketing advice from major industry players working in the DJ scene today.

3 Of The Most Creative DJ Marketing Ideas Online

dj marketing ideas

In recent years, it isn’t enough to just mix music and produce to become a world-renowned DJ. It is the strategic DJ marketing ideas that separates you from the crowd and allows you to truly resonate with your audience. Take a look at these very successful and creative DJ marketing ideas. Read More

The 3 Best DJ Marketing Tools

dj marketing tools

Learning to DJ is something just about anyone can do—but getting your music or mixes heard as a DJ is a much more difficult task. Some people start DJing simply as a hobby, so marketing isn’t really a concern, and that’s perfectly okay. But, for the many aspiring DJ/producers wishing to have their art heard and recognized, marketing is vital. Read below for our 3 best DJ Read More

5 Important DJ Contacts Every Artist Should Be Familiar With

dj contacts

Being a DJ shouldn’t be a solo effort. There are many different professional people who are involved in the background that are responsible for making sure a DJ’s career is being taken care of in the best way. Start by familiarizing yourself with these key five DJ contacts. Read More

DJ Booking Contacts – 5 Must Have Beginner DJ Habits To Get Real Gigs

dj booking contacts

Professional DJ booking contacts are vital to any DJ career. They’re imperative so that you can build connections and bring potential DJ Gigs to your doorstep. The task might seem easy, but let’s consider the fact that most professional contacts are too busy to consider up-and-coming DJ’s. That is, unless you’re well prepared and can really sell yourself. Use some of the ideas Read More

How To Build Your Own Professional DJ Team

dj team

After you've been DJing for a while and decide that you want to make a career of it, you will probably start to think about how to build a DJ team. The advantages of being a professional DJ are easy to see, you're doing something you love and getting paid for it, interacting with fans and being the focal point of the party. However, there are less obvious disadvantages to Read More

How To Get A DJ Brand Sponsor

how to get a dj brand sponsor

One of the most common questions I am asked professionally is “How do you get a brand to sponsor a DJ?” It seems to be a bit of grey area for most DJ’s and it isn’t that uncommon to find that even an elite international artist is without a sponsor. Sponsorship is an important part of growing your DJ brand and extending into new markets otherwise not yet explored. A solid Read More

DJ Brand Marketing – The 3 ‘Must Have’ Social Media Outlets Every DJ Needs To Master

dj brand marketing

Long gone are the days where the first digital move you make is to create your own website. In fact, creating a website has become somewhat of an afterthought thanks to social media. Unless you’re selling a direct product that can’t be sold from another existing website, in almost every industry there are existing platforms that will project you into a digital market Read More

How To Find A Good DJ Manager & Booking Agent

how to find a good dj manager

I see it every single week. Another email lands in my inbox from a DJ introducing themselves as the next big thing in Electronic Dance Music with a five hundred word email listing all the reasons why I need to listen to their demo. I would love to say that I’m the sort of guy that has time to read every email I get, download your demo and seriously consider whether I’m the Read More

Great DJ Names – How To Choose Your Future Superstar Title

great dj names

What does it take to create great DJ names? You’ve fallen in love with the music and you can DJ mix like a pro, all you want to do is get yourself out there and start playing real gigs. How do you come up with great a DJ name? In most cases people tend to use their real name. It’s simple, effective and at the risk of being recognised for the ‘once cool’ name you creatively Read More

Top DJs Working Above & Beyond In The Music Biz

top djs

There are many ways to shape a career and become one of the worlds top DJ's. Some have just enough pure genius or luck, to write a hit record and make a million touring the world. These stories are few and far between these days as the world is being filled with quality music content at every turn and the likelihood of the one-hit wonder is quickly fading into the past. It’s Read More