The Best DJ Music Download Stores!

Feb 14, 2010
The Best DJ Music Download Stores!

In recent years there has been an influx of digital download stores popping up all over the internet. In this post I will rank my personal favourites and give you a little insight on each.

Before we get started, I should mention that when you are learning how to DJ and you begin to build your music collection, the last thing you want to do is source your music from the one place, you need to be spreading your wings as far as possible searching high and low for hidden gems. BUT be careful because it is highly addictive!

I get a lot of students asking me for advice on the best places to pick up the latest and best dance tracks.

So where do professional DJs get their music from?

The best DJ download store I believe anywhere is DJ Tunes, I used to think it was Beatport but since the launch of  DJ Tunes 2.0 it’s too hard to ignore. The new DJ Tunes is easily the biggest and best digital download store on the internet today.

If you are serious about getting your hands on the best DJ music on the planet, no matter the genre then the first port of call should be DJ Tunes. They have the best customer service, the best music library and the best pricing out of them all including FREE tracks just for signing up.Click on the image below to check it out and get your free tracks NOW!

Beatport is every part as good as  DJ Tunes and Juno Download, the only difference I find is DJ Tunes and Juno Download seem to be cheaper. Both stock the very best selection of digital download music anywhere. Beatport  has a good relationship with the industry and works hand in hand with all the big name producers and labels. It simply has its finger on the pulse in almost all dance music genres.

Other things that make Beatport so good include the user interface which is insanely easy to use, the multitude of genres, charts and advance search options available, it’s awesome custom player and not bad pricing.

Another really good digital download resource for DJs the world over; TID also has a user friendly interface and keeps it finger on the pulse in industry. It seems to be a little more European based than the others but definitely another store you should be regularly searching for hidden gems.

DJ download is the third store that is a must when searching for new music. The content on DJ download is second to none; my only problem is the interface, although relatively user-friendly like both of the above it seems a little dated. The main annoying thing for me is the player used to listen to the track samples opens in a new window and isn’t part of the main infrastructure of the site. This can result in slower loading of the tracks and ultimately a more drawn out process altogether.

Audio jelly is a lot smaller than the other download stores but offers a very organized catalogue and will throw up some left field labels, artists and tunes which is awesome. The interface has its own player which is cool and offers a number of different searching options. Another good thing about the audio jelly interface is that it tracks your favourite labels and artists which will make life easier every time you return. It also has an unsigned artists section which is perfect for uncovering hidden gems and finding one of tunes.

Mixmag download although small compared to the other DJ download sites, is perfect for getting your hands on the latest club tracks and albums. These guys are at the forefront of the commercial side of clubbing and offer a selection of only the very best upfront dance music around. It’s another must when looking to build your collection or simply keep up to date. My only negative is the player opens in a separate window and isn’t part of the main interface of the site, it can be frustrating.

There you have it, a small and valuable list of DJ music download store resources. The above is just to get you going, don’t sit on your hands, search high and low and see what you can uncover!