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How Hard is it to Become a DJ

how hard is it to become a dj

I get dozens of emails a day and a question I am continually asked. How hard is it to become a DJ.

I am going to start by saying nothing worth doing is easy. Having said that anyone with a passion for music, a desire to learn and a willingness to practice should have no problem learning how to DJ

The trick is to get your hands on the right information, absorb it all up like a sponge and then practice your butt off.

Most people starting out on their journey learning how to DJ think all they need to learn is how to match beats, although this is the number one fundamental skill of all DJs it's only the beginning. To truly become a quality world class DJ you also need to put the time into learning how to match the bars, phrases and even harmonics.

Anyone can learn the basics but its having the patience and discipline to move beyond the basics is the direction that you want to be heading.

Everyone has the capacity to go beyond the basics, but very few do. All it takes is that patience and discipline to take the time to learn all there is to learn. It’s when you take your learning beyond the basics that you will begin to reap the big rewards, the right people will take notice of what you are doing and doors that were otherwise closed will begin to open.

Absolutely anyone can learn how to become a quality DJ

Learning how to DJ isn’t a skill you are born with, it is something that anyone can be taught. You just need to apply yourself. There isn’t a DJ on the planet that knows it all, there is always more to learn. It’s the students that understand and thrive on this that make it to the top in the DJ industry.

So to answer the question: How hard is it to become a DJ ?

With the right attitude, not very hard at all, in fact with the right attitude it should not only be easy but enjoyable. The more you learn and the better you get the more enjoyable and rewarding it will become.

The best way to start your learning is by finding a DJ mentor. This could be in the form of someone that you know, like a local DJ or in the form of a course like DJ Master Course. The perfect scenario is BOTH !

This will give you the grounding that you need, but don’t stop there. Search the internet, read blogs, engage in forums. Basically be prepared to do whatever it takes and learn everything that you can.

There is always more to learn, Knowledge is power, so get learning!

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Ben Drohan

About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. His entrepreneurial skills have been recognised by major music industry leaders including CEO’s, A&R label executives and some of the world’s most prolific DJ talent including the Stafford Brothers.

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