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How to Become a Professional DJ


There must have been loads of times when dancing to the sounds of a professional DJ that you must have envied the immense powers he/she wields over the entire dance floor. It is little wonder then that all who have danced the night away to a quality DJ have wanted to become one. If that is what you are aspiring for, read on to find out how to become a professional DJ

DJ Equipment

To begin with, you need two turntables or CD decks, a DJ mixer, headphones and some kind of sound system. I definitely suggest some nice studio monitors for crisp warm sound if the budget allows, if not anything in the beginning will do the trick. Cost and quality are not always synonymous; so you don’t need to buy the most expensive DJ gear to start with. Learn all that you can with whatever equipment you can afford anything that allows you to mixes two tracks together is all that you need.

You may even look for second-hand equipment to begin with. Check out online DJ forums you may just be lucky enough to find a retiring DJ selling off their gear at a dream price. Also don’t forget about free mixing software like Virtual DJ, perfect to get you underway.

Becoming a professional DJ to start with

The basic quality that a DJ cannot do without is passion and a genuine want to learn. You have to practice, practice and continue practicing. Essentially you’re trying to re-train your brain to hear the music in a different way and the only way to achieve this is through patience, discipline and practice.

Read up all you can about how to use your equipment before you start. The internet is a great place for useful information. A professional DJ is always helpful. So, if you know one, get him to teach you a few DJ tips and tricks, otherwise you’ve always got us here at DJ Master Course, it’s what we do!

Becoming a professional DJ takes practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice, I can’t say it enough! There is no substitute for passionate hard work. Learning how to create perfect seamless mixes should begin consuming your life, at the very least in the beginning. If you feel that you have put in your best efforts one day, take it to another level the next. If you’re 100% committed to never stop learning I guarantee your dreams of  becoming a professional DJ will come true.

Getting to the top a a professional DJ

When you feel that you have practiced enough and are ready to unleash on the masses, don’t think too big in the beginning. If there is a small pub or club round the corner or even if it’s your neighbor’s party, do whatever it takes to get the gig, including Djing for free, the experience alone will prove invaluable on your way to the top.

When you get your chance make sure you have some DJ demo mix CDs on hand; you don’t know when an opportunity is going to come your way.

Be friendly and open to conversations; every individual counts! You never know who, what, when and where your next booking will come.

If you’re serious about learning how to become a professional DJ  then there is no reason why you should wait; I guarantee it will be one of the best things that you ever put your time and effort into doing, it will change your life and the rewards will be forever!!

Ben Drohan

About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. His entrepreneurial skills have been recognised by major music industry leaders including CEO’s, A&R label executives and some of the world’s most prolific DJ talent including the Stafford Brothers.

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