Finding a DJ Mentor !

Dec 6, 2009
Finding a DJ Mentor !

What is a DJ mentor?

A mentor is someone who has been and done what it is you are trying to achieve.

“Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”

Commonsense would suggest that if you could pick the brain of someone that has already achieved what you desire and has already been down the track that you are about to embark on, it will fast track your own success.

A good mentor will be able to share invaluable advice on what to expect and exactly what you are suppose to be doing to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. When you experience difficulties or problems a mentor can advise you best on what you need to do to keep progressing towards your goal.

Mentors save time, lots of time and in some cases money! Why? Because they eliminate the uncertainty, they take away all of the wrong turns and they can tell you precisely where you should be spending your time and energy to get the best results.

Getting a DJ mentor!

Getting access to a valuable mentor can be very difficult at times as the best mentors are going to cost you money. Even if you are lucky enough to find someone with the right experience that is prepared to take on that mentor role then usually you will find there are time constraints attached. Very frustrating!

I can tell you that my success as a DJ was a direct result of a number of mentors – something I was good at was befriending the right people to help fast track my knowledge, skills and success.

Generally I found over the years the more commitment I made to the learning behind becoming a DJ the more I had to draw on when talking to other DJ’s. If you are passionate enough and have shown your commitment by doing everything that you can to learn everything there is to learn you will find that you will begin to create your own luck, others will feel your passion and the right people will want to talk DJing and exchange thoughts and ideas with you.

“Successful people turn everyone who can help them into sometime mentors”

Knowing the critical importance of mentors when learning how to DJ and also understanding the difficulties in trying to get someone to take you seriously enough to become your mentor is the exact reason I spent two years creating the DJ Master Course Full Training Package – instead of being limited to mentoring one or two people at a time it has given me the power to become that important mentor to literally hundreds of students from all around the globe at once – in fact if you think about it, just by reading this post I have already begun mentoring you!

Once you have a mentor, whether its myself through the DJ Master Course or a local DJ you have become friends with, you don’t want to stop there, you want to continue to surround yourself with as many like minded people as possible so you can all share and help each other.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts !