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How to DJ like Tiesto

how to dj like tiesto

He’s ranked second in DJ Mag’s list of top 100 DJs. And with good reason! Tiesto cares more about music than about appearances. He didn’t look back even once when he gave up trance music after years of ruling the charts with trance. He’s back, and better than ever, after reinventing himself with electro and progressive house. While most musicians and DJs stick to one genre throughout their careers, Tiesto shrugged off the stereotype to discover a new passion that keeps his music alive.

Tiesto shares the secrets behind his global success

What does it take to DJ like Tiesto?

Apart from DJing, this Dutch artist is also a record producer. He has had several successful collaborations with some of the biggest artists on the planet. When it comes to following in his footsteps, it might not be easy to catch up, but here are a few pointers to get you heading in the right direction.

Find your passion for music – Tiesto is all about his passion for music. This passion is usually what it takes to stay focused and motivated in this competitive platform. Don’t forget to explore all corners and realms of EDM like him. That’s what you practice for - to find what kind of sound and music works best for you.

Learn all you can – The initial years you dedicate to your training holds good for the rest of your DJ career. So use it as your foundation period and learn to use every piece of DJ equipment available: you never know what works best for you until you try it. Don’t be afraid to take risks when learning how to become a professional DJ

Find the right dj mentors – Keep in mind that you cannot do all this as a recluse. Step out and interact with experienced and accomplished DJs. Whether it’s simply observing their style or comprehending their techniques, learn from the best DJs wherever possible.

Not a tale of overnight success – The one thing you will find in common among all the leading DJs, especially Tiesto, is that success didn’t jump into their arms. Grueling years of promoting yourself as a DJ and sticking to your music and style will reap its benefits. But until then, remember that perseverance and an attitude of being prepared to do whatever it takes is the key.

A day in the life of a superstar DJ Tiesto


How did Tiesto get famous?

Tiesto’s popularity began to grow during early 2000. Since then, his career has been peppered with a lot of innovative moves to expand his fan base. It began with his six-hour long ‘Tiësto Solo’ sets that he performed in concerts. The idea of a DJ playing to a large crowd through the night without other guest DJs or even opening acts was original. His consecutive performances were big sellers making Tiësto the first DJ ever to hold a solo performance concert in a stadium.

Riding the wave of success, he was also asked to perform for 90 minutes at the Summer Olympics in 2004. Again, he set the benchmark for being the first DJ ever to perform live in the opening ceremony.

Amid his tours and performances, he made time for several singles that topped the charts and DVDs of his performances. In April 2007, Tiesto began hosting a two-hour weekly radio show for a Dutch radio station. He is currently busy juggling all the ventures he has established for himself over the years.

Tiesto DJing at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

It is a little difficult to pull through the initial phase when you are busy trying to book good gigs while honing your skills. But once you’ve found your footing, it’s all about stepping up to the next level every chance you get and don’t forget to take calculated risks if and when needed.

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