How to DJ – Marketing Yourself

Feb 2, 2012
How to DJ – Marketing Yourself

Once you put the time and effort in to learning how to DJ and your ready and raring to go the hardest thing can be getting that first break – that first real break takes an attitude of whatever it takes, skills you can stand behind and a true passion for the music and what you are doing, if you tick all of those boxes then your almost there!

Throw how to market yourself as a DJ into the mix and you’ll have all the tools you need. Taking the time to stop and think about marketing yourself in most cases is all it takes to see your opportunity; you will create your own luck by loving what you are doing.

As long as you are learning how to DJ for the right reasons and you are truly passionate about it then things will find a way of working themselves out for you, you will begin to not only see opportunities but learn to capitalise and make the most of them.

Here’s three HOT Tips on How to DJ Market yourself.

1)      Get good: I don’t just mean good but really good, crazy good – when your chance comes you need to be ready making sure you capitalize 100% – you need to smash it out of the ball part because opportunities won’t keep knocking if your simply a sub-par DJ without a point of difference, the best point of difference is BEING THE BEST!

2)      Network: show your face around the places you want to play, meet the door people, the bar staff, talk about your passion and common interests with the DJ’s playing. Start with the opening DJs get to know them; if your knowledge and skills are up to it you will gain instant respect and things will begin to fall into place. If you can’t find it in yourself to go out and meet the people you need to help you live your dream then you’re in the wrong business, its part of the game. If done right it won’t be long until the shoe is on the other foot and it will be you sharing your wisdom!

3)      DJ Mentors: surround yourself with people you can learn off, let someone else’s hindsight be your new foresight. The quickest way to learn anything is by getting as much help and advice as possible from people that have been before you, dj mentors.

To achieve the most with your new DJ skills and market yourself properly as a DJ you need to be on top of all of the above steps – it only takes one to be missing for you to be well behind the 8 ball.

A passion for what you are doing and a burning desire to learn everything you can to become the best DJ possible encompasses all three of the above steps and is the perfect launching pad for you to become a successful DJ living all of your dreams.