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How to DJ with Virtual DJ


Virtual DJ is the perfect DJ software when starting your journey of learning how to become a DJ. Before you invest in all the latest wiz-bang equipment, you might want to check this one out. It might even end up giving you an idea about the kind of equipment you will need.

Why Virtual DJ?

To begin with, it’s an easy platform to test your skills. And it’s certainly handier – you can practice wherever you want to. Initially, a DJ using a computer to mix his music was frowned upon as it just did not seem authentic. Now, with the turntable division of Technics closed down and with Pioneer setting up to replace its CDJ players with USB controllers, nobody’s judging.

Some of the older versions of virtual DJ are now available as free downloadable versions too. With timeline editing, beat-aware effects, net search libraries remix samplers and many such features, this software will give you all the tools needed to DJ mix your tunes.

You don’t have to worry about scratched or lost CDs when you have a digital database that lets you access your entire music collection immediately. The musical key detection allows you to harmonically mix your music. This software can also interface with many MIDI and HID controller devices.

One of its most popular features is that you can drag and drop music from the browser to the virtual desk. Apart from the track’s title and duration, you can also get its BPM (beats per minute).

How to use Virtual DJ?

Here are a few things to look out for with your virtual DJ

The software has a sync button, which can sync the BPM of the current track with the upcoming track. However, this can cause a change in the pitch of the tracks, which you have to watch out for.

Avoid equalizing all your music too sharp as the human ear gets used to a particular frequency spectrum. If you notice your equalizing to be out of balance, then fix it gradually. For that matter, most modern songs do not need equalizing anymore, so I suggest particularly when learning how to DJ that you leave the EQ knobs at 12 O’clock.

Understand that not all songs are recorded at the same volume level. So when you finish one mix, make sure the volume of the new song is the same, you need to look for the gain EQ. Watch the bass too so you don’t distort the mix.

Don’t get too attached to it. You may find it difficult to handle your console when performing live.

Virtual DJ Screenshot

With all this new found wisdom under your belt, don’t throw conventional methods under the bus. Most clubs that have already invested in the latest DJ equipment want their DJs to make the best use of it.

And no matter how good the software, there are always going to be things you can't achieve through virtual DJ. But most of all, it will allow you to begin learning how to DJ straight away, and on a budget. So if your new to Djing then get on virtual DJ it is a great place to start.

Ben Drohan

About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. His entrepreneurial skills have been recognised by major music industry leaders including CEO’s, A&R label executives and some of the world’s most prolific DJ talent including the Stafford Brothers.

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