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How to Learn to DJ


For most that enter the crazy life that is professional Djing it started out as a hobby that very quickly become an addiction and a passion, if you have a genuine love of music then once you start DJing you will find it very hard to stop. Even if you never have a desire to take you passion out of your bedroom, that’s my first and only warning!

Mixing as a DJ can be very rewarding in many more ways than one; if you put the right amount of time into the learning at the very beginning it has a real potential to take you places and give you opportunities beyond imagination.

The trick(s):

Take your time to learn all that you can in the beginning and never stop learning. You need to give yourself every chance to become the very best DJ that you can so that when opportunities begin to present themselves you are ready to make the most of them. You want to have the skill and knowledge to smash every opportunity that comes your way out of the ball-park.Here are a few ‘How to Learn to DJ’ Tips;

DJ Mentors

Nothing beats a quality mentor. Letting someone else’s hindsight become your foresight is a surefire way to fast-track your own learning and skills. If you get an opportunity to meet and talk to a professional DJ’s then have what you want to ask ready, it’s not going be about how many questions you ask rather how good the questions are.

If you are at your local club/event it’s important you don’t distract the DJ while he/she is Djing so try to wait it out and talk to them at the end of the night or if you get a chance, much before they take the stage. If you make your approach at the right time you’ll be surprised how much experienced DJ’s are willing to help DJ’s just starting out.

DJ Equipment

The DJ equipment market is flooded with different types of DJ equipment, the amount of brands and suppliers out there vying for your hard earned cash can be overwhelming; when starting out as a beginner DJ all you need is the basics and that’s it, you can always upgrade once your skills demand.

I have 2 basic DJ setup suggestions to help get you pointed in the right direction:

1)      The ‘old skool’ setup – 2 CD players, a 2-channel mixer and some speakers (amp if required). It doesn't matter the brand, whatever you can afford.

how to learn to dj equipment 2

2)      The ‘new skool’ setup – a digital dj controller and relevant dj software, again it doesn't matter the brand, any standard DJ controller and relevant software will be perfect for you to begin learning how to become a DJ.

how to learn how to dj 3

Lastly you will need some DJ headphones which ever direction you decide to go, standard DJ headphones on the cost effective side is fine in the beginning.

Practice Makes Perfect

Anyone that has been a part of the DJ Master Course community over the years will know the emphasis we put on practice. We can teach you the fundamentals and show you exactly what you need to be doing and when but it is up to you to practice.

The DJ industry is a highly competitive and lucrative industry, there are DJ’s making millions of dollars doing what they love, the good news is there is plenty of money to go around but to get your share you need to give yourself every opportunity to become the best DJ you can and the only way to do that is through and obsession with practice and lots of it.

So work hard and never stop learning and you’ll put yourself in the best position to live your own dreams.

Ben Drohan

About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. His entrepreneurial skills have been recognised by major music industry leaders including CEO’s, A&R label executives and some of the world’s most prolific DJ talent including the Stafford Brothers.

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