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What Industry Heavy Weights Are Saying...

  • NERVO -nervomusic
  • Timmy Trumpet -TimmyTrumpet
  • Michael Broadhurst -PioneerDJ
  • Dave Macli -DJBoothCEO
  • Andre Cato -StoreDJ
  • Nima Nasseri -ATMartists
  • Luke Udorovic -LuckyEntAus
  • Matt Meyer -AMonly
  • "When the Stafford Brothers first showed us what they had done with DJ Master Course we were blown away. They've been such huge inspirations for so many people. It's amazing that the next generation of DJ's has something like this to get them started."

  • "The DJ Master Course is a great way to accelerate your development as a DJ. This is a product that I wish had existed when I first began to DJ as I now understand how important it is to learn the trade from someone with both talent and experience. I recommend this product to both new and early stage DJs alike."

  • "Matt and Chris have been amazing mentors for me as a DJ. They took me under their wing in the early days and opened up a world of opportunities. With their years of headlining experience, the Stafford Brothers’ DJ Master Course is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best."

  • "DJ Master Course is an amazing cost effective and powerful platform, for anyone looking to enter the industry!"

  • "At Pioneer DJ, we're continually expanding our product range to help DJs make the journey from bedroom to club DJ. This course is a great introduction to the art, skill of learning how to DJ."

  • "When I first started working with the Stafford Brothers I was blown away by how DJing seemed to come almost second nature to them while throwing down the party. The fact that DJ Master Course has let them share their wealth of DJ knowledge with beginners is truly unheard of."

  • "Having seen just about every kind of DJ under the sun, it’s refreshing to see Matt and Chris teaching people the right way to DJ. Now anyone, anywhere can get high quality DJ lessons from the most high energy, headlining artists. That’s a game changer."

  • "The Stafford Brothers have had a massive influence on a whole generation of Australian DJ’s. With DJ Master Course they're giving newcomers a gateway into our industry teaching them all the skills they need to know to get started. It’s simply never been done before."

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