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The 3 Best DJ Software Programs and Why

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When outlaying your cold hard cash on digital DJ equipment, don’t forget that the software that goes with it is as important. These DJ software programs are compatible with both MAC and PC systems and they allow you to mix your music and even your music videos.

Most software programs also allow integrating and manipulating external audio inputs. This feature has convinced some of the most ardent vinyl buffs to have a laptop as part of their DJ setup.

Below is a basic review of three of the more popular DJ software options available today:

Traktor Pro 

traktor pro

Traktor is known for its wide range of DJ software solutions and Traktor Pro is its fully equipped live performance and studio mixing software option. It has everything from automatic beat synchronization, graphic wavelength displays and track search functions to smooth cross faders and interactive displays.

It is designed and built to be intuitive and mimics a hardware DJ mixing setup surprisingly well. Key functions like looping and cueing have been fine tuned in the current version.

It also allows you to categorize and browse through your music library rather efficiently. Additionally, this software retains a history which lets you go back and record any set from previous performances, definitely a handy little bit of functionality.

Serato Scratch Live

serato scratch live

Serato Scratch Live is a vinyl simulation software which is designed exclusively to go with Rane hardware. Its software interface is fairly easy to navigate. If you want to use audio visuals for your performance, Serato has included a video option in its newer versions for live shows

It’s fighting tooth and nail to catch up with Traktor’s features like playlist management and onboard FX. Although this software came with the barest essentials in the beginning, the current versions have evolved substantially to accommodate a host of DJ friendly features like basic delay, reverb and loop roll. If you love djing with vinyl then this software is for you.

Algoriddim DJay


This Algoriddim djay software gives you a complete DJ experience with just an Apple iPad or iPhone, it really is surprisingly of very high quality winning many awards including a prestigious apple design award in 2011.

For a beginner DJ, this is definitely a nice little setup to get you started. It becomes even more powerful once you hook your iPad or iPhone into one of the compatible external hardware controllers.

The iPad and djay software on its own offers a solid selection of features and effects like looping, pitch control, and easy to organize music libraries including hooking directly into your itunes. It also supports almost any audio format.

DJ software in conclusion

In conclusion the DJ software solutions offered today open up a whole new world when it comes to your music collection and your dj mixing. My tip is to do your homework and learn how to DJ correctly from the beginning so you can harness the full potential of the modern digital DJ. Don’t be a lazy DJ, if you choose to use the beat sync button then there needs to be some kind of trade off, you need to add more depth to your mixes with sampling and looping etc. Being a lazy DJ will get you nowhere!

Ben Drohan

About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. His entrepreneurial skills have been recognised by major music industry leaders including CEO’s, A&R label executives and some of the world’s most prolific DJ talent including the Stafford Brothers.

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