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What Equipment do I need to DJ

what equipment do i need to dj

You want to become a DJ but don’t know what DJ equipment you need.

This is a common problem for all DJs starting out; it’s no wonder, as the variety and choice available these days is unbelievable and at the very least confusing.

When looking for your first DJ setup the trick is to keep it simple, perhaps most importantly you need to make sure you only end up buying once. By this I mean get it right the first time so you don’t have to prematurely upgrade. The last thing you want is to get talked into buying some wiz bang DJ setup that when it’s all said and done is crap.

Your first DJ setup should stand the test of both time and your DJ career.

Buying DJ Equipment - Tip #1

Avoid “DJ in a box” packages as they are often very basic and are insufficient for what you want, as a serious budding DJ.

Buying DJ Equipment Tip - #2

Get advice from someone you trust, do your research and shop around. If you have the option, play around with a friend’s DJ equipment first for a genuine feel of what you will be getting.

Buying DJ Equipment - Tip #3

Second hand is always an option, particularly with quality DJ equipment like Pioneer and Technics, brands that are built tough to last in the club environment. They are also designed so problems can be fixed.

Buying DJ Equipment - Tip #4

If you don’t have money for the higher-end equipment to begin with, do not let that hold you back. Buy what you can afford and upgrade further along the track, when you can.

Equipment Needed to DJ

A minimum of 2 input devices – Depending on whether you decide to use vinyl, CD, or a combination of both, you’ll require at least 2 input devices, which are generally either turntables or CD decks. You are only limited as to how many input devices you can use by the amount of input channels on your mixer. In order to put two tunes together you require at least two devices. Anything after that is a personal preference.

A DJ mixer – Used to control and mix the music from your first input device to your second input device. It is the control centre for your mix. Initially, any standard two-channel DJ mixer will suffice, but as you get better and begin to understand the different levels of sound quality and response you can get from its functions, you will demand more from your mixer. At that point you can upgrade as you require.

Headphones – Using headphones, you can listen, cue and mix the next tune without anyone else hearing what you are doing. Headphones are probably your most important piece of equipment, determining not only the comfort in which you will be mixing but also the quality of sound you will be hearing to conduct your mixes. The equipment you use is based totally on personal preference, but I suggest experimenting with friends equipment, or at least trying before you buy if possible.

Sound system – Either a home hi-fi system or an amplifier and speaker setup, although these days (depending on your budget) powered (amplified) speakers are definitely an attractive option not only for sound quality but for their ergonomic and sleek designs. I find them perfect for my home set-up.

If you have any DJ equipment questions that need answers feel free to drop me a line to ben[at] anytime.

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